No Solidarity
Gentleman - Conversations


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Gentleman & Ky-Mani Marley, Lyrics "No Solidarity"

Dem nuh have no
No solidarity - no solidarity
Dem nuh got no love at all dem nuh want no unity
No solidarity - no solidarity
Dem nuh want togetherness and no equality


1st verse:

I’m talking for the people who don’t have a voice
Born in a surrounding where their don’t have a choice
While others have it easy they don’t have it nice
Facing daily struggle for a hand full of rice
And the leaders that surround dem ago round dem with lies
Separate the people with their military ties
People a die like flies
Don’t you think it’s time to step in a the footsteps of christ


Why are we fighting for the leeves
When the strength is in the root
Like love is in the truth - dread
Destroying all the seeds
This fighting for the fruits
Victimizing our youths


2nd verse:

Me see a new perspective is well nessecary
Wulf of wallstreet mr. Dicnitary
While you sippin’ champagne out there and getting married
It ruff out there ina the poor terry terry
The life of a sufferer is never ordinary
Every day a family have a new child fi bury
Guns and drugs dem a carry
Don’t you see the devil a sign dem dem not visionary



Writers: Tilmann Otto / Everold Dwyer

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