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Seit Walt Disney mit "Schneewittchen und die sieben Zwerge" 1937 seinen ersten nachmittagfüllenden Zeichentrickfilm in die Filmtheater brachte, gehören die Kinoproduktionen aus den Disney-Studios zu den Kassenschlagern, die weltweit jung und alt gleichermaßen begeistern. Wohl jeder kann sich noch an die magischen Nachmittage erinnern, die man als Kind mit seinen Eltern und Freunden im Kino verbrachte, um den neuesten Disney-Film zu sehen.  Oder auch später als Erwachsener mit seinen eigenen Kindern. Zu dem Erfolg trugen auch die Melodien der Filmsongs bei, die sich sofort im Kopf festsetzten und in der Erinnerung oft nach Jahrzehnten noch nicht verblasst sind. Etwas von diesem besonderen Gefühl und Vergnügen vermitteln einem Künstler/innen wie Gregory Porter, Melody Gardot, Stacey Kent und Jamie Cullum nun auf dem Album "Jazz In Disney". Unter der Regie des Produzenten,Toningenieurs und neunfachen Grammy-Gewinners Jay Newland (Norah Jones, Gregory Porter) ging ein Aufgebot internationaler Stars ins Studio, um den Songs, die in der ganzen Welt so viele Kindheiten geprägt haben, einen jazzigen Anstrich zu geben.


Walt Disney liebte Jazz und beschäftigte nicht selten Songwriter-Teams, die reichlich Erfahrungen mit dieser Musik hatten. Unter den Songs, die für "Jazz In Disney" von Rob Mounsey (Paul Simon, Steely Dan, Aretha Franklin, Madonna, Rihanna) neu arrangiert wurden, befinden sich deshalb einige Nummern, die schon seit geraumer Zeit als Jazzstandards etabliert sind: etwa "When You Wish Upon A Star" (gesungen von dem einzigartigen Gregory Porter), "Why Don’t You Do Right?" (interpretiert von Dee Dee Bridgewaters Tochter China Moses) und natürlich vor allem "Some Day My Prince Will Come" (das hier in einer französischen Version von der stets bezaubernden Nikki Yanofsky zu hören ist). Im Laufe der Jahrzehnte wurden diese Disney-Klassiker von so unterschiedlichen Jazzgrößen wie Dave Brubeck, Glenn Miller, Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett, Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock und sogar Sun Ra aufgenommen. Und Louis Armstrong, der im "Dschungelbuch" eigentlich den Part des King Louie spielen sollte (um Rassismusvorwürfen aus dem Weg zu gehen, ging die Rolle des Affenkönigs dann aber an den weißen Sänger Louis Prima), nahm 1968 sogar ein ganzes Album  mit "Disney Songs The Satchmo Way" auf.


Auf "Jazz In Disney" zollen all die genannten Stars plus der Brite Hugh Coltman, die französischen Sängerinnen Anne Sila und Laika Fatien sowie der italienische Sänger und Pianist Raphael Gualazzi ihren musikalischen Kindheitserinnerungen Tribut. Unterstützt werden sie dabei von einer von Rob Mounsey geleiteten Bigband und renommierten Solisten wie Andy Snitzer und Jim Tomlinson (Tenorsax), Lew Soloff und Tony Kadleck (Trompete), Glenn Patscha (Piano), Ira Coleman (Bass) und Rodney Green (Schlagzeug).


Some artists involved in the release have provided quotes relating to their contributions to the album:


Melody Gardot
"Disney represents imagination, creativity and dedication to the beautiful world of fantasy.   The animation, in its origin, was a painstaking and lengthy process but one that led to then cutting-edge films which have become our new classics. Furthermore the merging of entertainment for both children and adults together is genius (in these films you can reach the youth and still amuse their parents)  For me, Disney is about the inner child in all of us; reaching the place that is the secret to staying forever young ! It's wonderful what they do. Walt possessed a mind like a universe (seemingly endless to the simple observer) 

My favorite Disney song is: "Love goes on" from Robin Hood. It’s such a beautiful watercolor of music in the arrangements and the vocal delivery. Seems similar to Astrud Gilberto, her simplicity to sing is enchanting to me, like hearing my mother sing. 

'He's a tramp' is a delightful classic (reminds me of some of my own encounters in life) , and 'Bare Necessities' is a fun and sunny tune about appreciating the beauty in simplicity in life. Can't go wrong there :)"


Jamie Cullum
"Disney is the first place many of us hear and really start to appreciate music as children. I'm really seeing that now with my own kids. What is wonderful about all the music is that it is challenging, melodically and lyrically exciting and playful. Having the chance to reinvent one of my favourites from the Aristocats - a proper jazz musical - was great fun. It's such a brilliantly subversive film with killer music in it. I hope we've done it justice!"


Stacey Kent
"I’ve always loved Disney films and Disney music . There’s magic about the fairytale world they conjure up.

The song I chose from Cinderella captures that feeling of magical wonderment that I felt as a child.

The song BIBBIDI BOBBIDI BOO, speaks to the child in us all, that still believes - or would like to believe - that we can do magic.

As we grow up, we are at the risk of losing that sense of possibility but music has always had the power to transform the world and make it a better place; If that’s not magic, what is?"


Anne Sila
"I’m lucky to be part of this beautiful album and honored to share it with artists I have admired for many years. Jazz represents a huge part of my musical path where I keep returning.

Disney marked my childhood, like most children, but as an adult I still have a great taste for fairytales and imaginary.

Being able to combine both in one album is fun and inspiring. The cherry on the cake was to revisit "let It go" which has been such a success the last few years. It’s a great way to discover those famous tracks and add fantasy and jazz to it. I’m proud to be part of it."


Hugh Coltman
"Having kids who are Toy Story fans and being a fan of Randy Newman, the song choice was really simple for me"


Raphael Gualazzi
"There are a lot of Disney Movies I loved as a child and are still in my heart.

The Jungle Book is my favorite one, I love characters and funny scenes.

In Italy we have Disney movies every Christmas and I used to watch them.

I loved the bad guys and the thief of "101 Dalmatians"

I want to give back the happiness and the funny aspect of these songs

I would like to contribute and bring my sensibility, the way I feel music, the way I feel the theme

I’m honored to share "bare necessities" with Melody Gardot,

She’s one of the most important voices of the recent generation"


Nikki Yanofsky
"Disney represents my childhood and the way I grew up listening and watching the movies & I used to sing the songs being a kid, I loved it so much. It brings back some really good memories for me so it’s really cool to be part of this project and relive those moments"

The Disney movie which affected me the most probably was the Aristocats, that movie was the first time I heard Jazz as a little kid, and I just remember loving the music so much, it was not the most popular movie when I was young but still my favorite one.

"Someday My Prince Will Come" comes from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, I love that movie so much, all the different personalities…"


Gregory Porter
"Disney represents the imaginative representation of good and evil for both children and adults, it represents a virtual dream state I loved the music. Favourite movie: I loved Jungle book, a lot of Jazz, soul & blues, I used to be intrigued and still am. I liked Mufasa’s voice , it was commanding, and I loved when it was time for him to spring into action and be the king of the jungle. I’m singing "When You Wish Upon A Star, one of the most iconic Disney song. It’s one of these iconic songs which have always been a part of the fabric of your life.

I write songs that have a positive message & this one has a positive message, it says think higher/ greater, than your current situation for something better"


"To me Disney represents music. I find music even more beautiful than images.

Disney was a genius to create this world of movements with our childhood fairytales.

I sing "Once Upon A Dream" from Sleeping Beauty, in this song I sing to little Laika as I didn’t have access to this world of fairytale as a child"


"Disney is the world of colors, of characters, princesses, dragons and bad guys, Disney is everyone’s childhood and even our adulthood as you get older you actually realize how much the music from Disney influenced you.

My favourite Disney movie is little mermaid because of the soundtrack, I wanted to be Ariel, and sing those really high pitch songs that are made for Disney princesses and are all really hard to sing that was the first Disney movie that I begged my parents to buy me the soundtrack – Ariel was my Disney princess.

Princess Tiana was my favorite Disney princess cause I did the French voice for Tiana and I think the storyline of that princess was very modern and very cool and the music was great" 

"I’m performing why don’t you do right, I picked it because I’m a Jessica rabbit fan, I love Peggy Lee and I love Jessica Rabbit &  like doing my own version of it. 

It’s a song of a woman telling a man the truth" 

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