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Beyond The Black (English Version)

Born for music - Beyond The Black fascinate Wacken Open Air

Northern Germany, March. Somewhere in the prairie of Schleswig-Holstein. It’s late in the evening. Music producer Thorsten Brötzmann sits together with the Wacken creators Thomas Jensen and Holger Hübner. They speak about the „Wacken Foundation“, of which Brötzmann is a board member. After they’re done talking, Brötzmann reminds himself that he wanted to show Thomas and Holger a musical piece that he had discovered. He puts the first recordings of Beyond The Black into his stereo. The Wacken promoters are astonished. It’s not accurately reported, but the duo Jensen-Hübner probably said something like: „We need this band for Wacken“, because a couple of days later Beyond The Black were introduced to the line-up of the world’s biggest metal festival, rocked the filled Bullhead City Tent and earned shouts of “encore”. Without having recorded a single album!


In this case, it’s not even necessary. Beyond The Black have a variety of songs ready that work instinctively. They play Female Fronted Metal that closes a gaping hole in Germany’s music scene. Their music swings back and forth between epic and pomp, sophisticated Gothic melodies and heavy guitar solos. Always in the spotlight: The voice of 19-year-old Jennifer Haben. She formed the band together with friends in Mannheim, who are all college-trained, professional musicians. Jennifer herself has been playing piano since she was six, saxophone since she was seven years old. She first joined a band when she was only nine years old. Some people are simply born for music.


Ten years have gone by since her first experiences in a band. In the meantime she taught herself to play guitar, won singing contests and found her new love in Rock and Metal. The logical next step is Beyond The Black. Be there, when this band steps into a larger world!


Their debut will be released in early 2015 via AIRFORCE1 RECORDS.


Beyond The Black - Demo Tracks:

Beyond The Black - Love Me Forever (Live at WACKEN 2014)