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Biografie: Transslovenia Express


Mute release a brand new compilation of KRAFWERK covers, TRANS SLOVENIA EXPRESS VOL.2, on 25TH JULY 2005. This is the follow up to 1994’s critically acclaimed Trans Slovenia Express and includes versions of Kraftwerk songs by Slovenian artists including LAIBACH.

Trans Slovenia Express includes fourteen remakes of songs by the first mainstream electronic band, Kraftwerk – the pioneers of their genre. Anyone who knows a little bit about Kraftwerk will be familiar with their classic Trans Europe Express album (1977). On Trans Slovenia Express Vol. 2, Kraftwerk classics are reinterpreted by artists from Slovenia, a small country in the heart of Europe. Some of the artists are newcomers, others have been around since the Kraftwerk days – for example the industrial pioneers Laibach who regularly quote Kraftwerk as one of their key influences.

So why Volume 2? It’s a sequel to the 1994 original, also released on Mute to critical acclaim. Eleven years after, the time felt right to show what has happened during these years… And the basic aim remained the same – to showcase the Slovenian musical scene and its diversity.

First up on the album is Laibach. Their contribution to this album is unique in the sense that it is not a straight remake. It is loosely based on Laibach’s own song, Brother of Mine, arranged in as though Kraftwerk have remixed it. After LAIBACH and their Kraftwerkian techno-pop the album continues with a pop duo called SILENCE who chose UK singer Anne Clark (Sleeper in Metropolis) to sing guest vocals on Hall of Mirrors. It continues on a harder note with SIDDHARTA, the biggest Slovenian rock act who sell-out stadiums at home and have recently signed a deal with Ministry of Sound (as their first ever rock band!). THE STROJ (pronounced stroy) are a crew of metal percussionists in the best tradition of Test Department or Les Tamboures Du Bronx – so Metal On Metal was the obvious choice for them. OCTEX and MOOB are two laptop artists who came up with very inventive minimal/dub/click-house versions that also work well in clubs So do TORUL’s old-skool electro version, the trance-y versions by SEQUAN and iTURK, ALENIA’s tech-house version of Home Computer and a drum’n’bass version by O.S.T. LARA–B, a well-known female rock singer, did a heavy rock version of Hall of Mirrors while ROZMARINKE, a popular all-girl string quartet, did a remake of Radioactivity with added electronic instruments and vocals courtesy of the Silence lead singer. Mitternacht by BAST is the only song here to pay homage to the pre-Autobahn-era Kraftwerk.

All tracks are previously unreleased and exclusive to this album.


LAIBACH – Bruderschaft
SILENCE feat. ANNE CLARK – Hall Of Mirrors
SIDDHARTA – The Robots
THE STROJ – Metal On Metal
OCTEX – Computer Love
TORUL – It’s More Fun To Compute
ROZMARINKE – Radioactivity
MOOB – Telephone Call
ALENIA – Home Computer
BAST – Mitternacht
O.S.T. – Metropolis
LARA–B – Hall Of Mirrors
SEQUAN – Metropolis
iTURK feat. MAYA – Sex Object

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