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Biography – OST “ALFIE” (ENGL)


On 18 October 2004, Virgin Records release Alfie – Music from the Motion Picture – the soundtrack album that marks a unique collaboration between Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart. The new album, a 14 track collection, features original songs written and performed by Jagger and Stewart with a guest appearances from Joss Stone .

The majority of Alfie – Music from the Motion Picture is comprised of new songs penned and performed by Jagger and award-winning producer/songwriter/musician Stewart. Old Habits Die Hard, is the single set for release on October 25.

Elsewhere on the record, R&B colored tracks such as “Blind Leading the Blind” feature Jagger’s unmistakable lead vocals, while blues-inflected instrumental tracks like New York Hustle and Standing in the Rain feature the legendary rocker showing off his skills on the harmonica.

Dave Stewart commented “We worked as a team – Jude Law, who plays Alfie would come in to the sessions at Abbey Road to hang out, and we’d talk about his character. As with the original Alfie, there’s a lot where his character addresses the camera directly, and there’s this weird instrumental thing that Mick and I did and Jude was going ‘You shouldn’t have me talking, this says much more about the scene than me talking.”

“Unlike a lot of Hollywood movies, where nobody meets each other until the premiere, we all worked together very closely over the period of a year – and I know Mick really enjoyed that.”

Indelibly stamped as lead singer of the greatest rock & roll band in the world, Mick Jagger’s film career stretches back to 1969; but despite his onscreen performances and Stones songs featuring in over 60 movies – Alfie is the very first soundtrack Mick has had a hand in composing.

“I’ve had songs on soundtracks before,” Jagger confirmed, “but this is my first full soundtrack… What Dave and I did, which is something I’ve never done before for a movie, was to write lyrics that helped a particular scene along, without describing the scene and making it too obvious.”

Besides being a founding member of Eurythmics, Dave Stewart has undertaken his fair share of film scores over the years, but Alfie was different: “When I’ve worked on soundtracks before, you’re like a hired hand. You’re in a room somewhere, and you keep getting given loads of hard drives or tapes with different edits, and everybody keeps ringing up saying have you finished yet?”

From the very beginning though, Alfie proved to be a far more rewarding and collaborative experience: “I was approached by the director Charles Shyer, while they were still finalising the script and once I knew they’d updated it to 2004 and that Jude Law was playing the Michael Caine role, I started to get really interested.”

The songs for Alfie, which first began to take shape at Jagger’s house in Mustique, were recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in north-west London. And, from the very beginning, Jagger’s contributions have electrified listeners.

Alfie – Music from the Motion Picture is highlighted by a delightful new rendition of Burt Bacharach and Hal David’s classic title song, Alfie performed by 17-year-old soul sensation, Joss Stone. The two singers duet on the new holiday-themedJagger/Stewart original, Lonely Without You (this Christmas). In addition, Stone performs on a reggae-flavored take on Alfie, dubbed Wicked Times, that sees her sharing the mic with acclaimed Jamaican rapper, Nadirah “Nadz” Seid.

“Alfie is such an epic song; it’s been recorded so many times; and it’s a classic Bacharach melody,” says Stewart. “But all the versions have got massive orchestrations, so I thought the only thing to do is strip it to almost nothing and have a soul type of singer interpret it.

Stewart added ”Joss is an amazing talent. She’s only 17 years old, and we had her duetting with Mick, live at Abbey Road, all in one take. Amazing… She sings incredibly, and it fits perfectly with the rest of the music.“

Jagger was also impressed: ”Joss Stone was really good. She’s very quick to pick up on what we had in mind, and Alfie is a difficult song. You only ever remember the first bit of it, but actually, if you have to sing the whole thing it’s quite convoluted. But she got it pretty easy."

A stylish reinvention of the 1960’s classic, Paramount Pictures’ Alfie is a humorous, sexy, and often touching tale of a philosophical womanizer who is forced to question his seemingly carefree existence. The film sees Jude Law (Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow, Cold Mountain) leading an all-star cast including Academy Award-winners Susan Sarandon (Dead Man Walking, Thelma & Louise) and Marisa Tomei (My Cousin Vinny, Anger Management), as well as Omar Epps (Love & Basketball, The Wood), Sienna Miller (Keen Eddie), and Nia Long (Big Momma’s House, The Best Man). Alfie arrives in theatres across North America on October 22nd.


Original Songs Performed By Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart

1. Old Habits Die Hard: Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart
2. Blind Leading The Blind: Live Acoustic Version: Mick Jagger and
Dave Stewart
3. Lonely Without You (This Christmas): Mick Jagger and Joss Stone
4. Let’s Make It Up: Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart
5. Jack The Lad
6. Darkness Of Your Love: Gary ‘Mudbone’ Cooper and Dave Stewart
7. New York Hustle
8. Wicked Times: Nadirah ‘Nadz’ Seid and Joss Stone
9. Oh Nicky
10. Blind Leading The Blind: Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart
11. Standing In The Rain
12. Counting The Days
13. Old Habits Reprise
14. Alfie: Joss Stone

Executive Album Producers: Charles Shyer and Tony Wadsworth
Soundtrack Album Produced by Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart