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Eagles Audio Interview 2007

CD 1 EAGLES – “Long Road out of Eden” interview clips

-The first question has to be “What took you so long” ?

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1.Don Henley

2.Joe Walsh

3.Timothy Schmit

4.Glen Frey

-Whilst it’s been 3 decades between studio albums, this took 6 years to record. There was lots of stopping and starting. There’s also been a history of difficulties in the band. How did that affect the process ?

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5.Don Henley

6.Joe Walsh

7.Timothy Schmit

-When a band has been inactive in a studio for so long, and the world has moved on, how difficult was it to find the right sound ?

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8.Don Henley

9.Joe Walsh

10.Glen Freyt

-Why did you decide to record a double album ?

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11.Glen Frey

-Was there ever a time that you thought the album would never come out ?

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12.Joe Walsh

13.Timothy Schmit

-in the States, you’ve signed a deal with the Wal-mart group for distribution of the album. How did that come about ?

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14.Don Henley

-Do you have any plans to tour with this album next Year ? Presumably it would take a long time to set up a major Eagles Tour ?

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15.Don Henley

-This band was dead and gone. There was bitterness, mistrust, broken friendships and broken relationships. Now you’re back with probably the greatest album of your entire career. How does that make you feel ?

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16.Don Henley

17.Joe Walsh

18.Timothy Schmit

19.Glen Frey

-You could have carried on touring and playing all the hits. But would you have wanted to be a tribute band to your former selves ? Could you have done that ?

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20.Don Henley

21.Glen Frey

22.Joe Walsh

CD 2 EAGLES – Track-by-Track

1−01 “ No more walks in the wood.”

1.Don Henley

2.Timothy Schmit

3.Glen Frey

1−02 “How Long”

4.Glen Frey

1−03 “Busy Being fabulous”

5.Don Henley

1−04 “What do I do with my heart”

6.Glen Frey

1−05 “Guilty of the crime”

7.Joe Walsh

1−06 “I don’t want to hear any more”


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