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Hooray kids songs: Funny music videos with children’s songs to sing along, learn and dance

The songs and videos by Hooray Kids Songs offer funny nursery rhymes and videos to laugh, learn, sing along, dance, play and interact with. Hooray Kids Songs wants to make life easier for parents and provides children’s music to keep your child happily entertained. The videos are an opportunity to learn and play with your kids.
The songs deal with typical family scenarios and topics every parent knows from their daily family routines, but there are also simply funny animal songs or interactive songs for children.
Each song tells a short story, whether it’s preparing family dinner in “Enjoy your meal” or how to clean-up your room like a superhero (“Clear-up Flash”), how to establish healthy habits like washing your hands (“Wash us”) or brushing your teeth (“Hacky Smacky”). The playful and short videos are exactly the right input for kids from the age of two years. They offer new music, entertaining texts and lots of fun to join in.
Meet the Hooray kids songs family!
The imaginative and informative everyday stories of the siblings Emma, Henry and Baby Luka, their family and many animal friends inspire millions of children worldwide. With their funny little adventures and humorous way to transfer values and knowledge, the songs and videos are not just funny and entertaining, but also educational!