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Lxandra’s new track “Who” highlights the important topic of self-love and mental health.
Listening to “Who” you can immediately sense the honesty with which the song was made. Lxandra’s raw and uncompromising vocals, and the questions raised in this new release urge the listener to explore the depth written between the lines.
“I often show more of a strong side of myself and with this song I wanted to celebrate vulnerability and how you can find strength in it.”, Lxandra remembers.
 “The answer to 'who you gonna love if you’re not gonna love me?’ is ‘yourself’”, Lxandra explains: „As said a hundred times: You can’t love someone else before you don’t learn to love yourself.”
Her new single “Who”, out on 3 July, comes with an imposing visualizer that is yet another peek into the visual world curated by Lxandra, starting with her 2018 release “Dig Deep.”
This time the visual representation of the song “kind of just happened” and was filmed in one take: “At the end of a shoot we decided to just put the chair in the middle of the set. The take was improvised but it turned out perfectly imperfect and is one of my favorite videos I’ve ever been part of. The beauty of simplicity and honesty.”
“Who” is the fourth taste of the record, following recent “Careful What I Dream Of”, “Glide” and “Other People”. The album promises to surpass her lauded EP “Another Lesson Learned”, which saw the likes of Refinery 29, Notion, Wonderland, The Line of Best Fit & Clash among others praise the on-the-rise artist.
About her latest EP the artist says: “The EP (Another Lesson Learned) is about coming of age and realizing shit,” Lxandra laughs. “Every song is about a lesson learned.” Along with a handful of brand new tracks the collection will also contain empowering previous singles ‘Dig Deep’, which garnered 1 million streams in the first week of release (now up to over 6 million), and the aforementioned ‘Flicker’, one of the first songs she ever wrote.
The emotive track ‘Swimming Pools’ from her Another Lesson Learned EP was released in two versions, with a poignant piano version on and a produced version replete with swelling strings and skittering beats, along with an official music video.
“Swimming pools is about being happy with what you have and showing a middle finger to the expectations of society, and a world that runs on money,“ Lxandra reveals. ”It’s about remembering who you are and where you come from and always holding onto that. Be grateful for what you have, you have everything you need. Don’t make compromises for money. Being true to yourself is more valuable.”
Lxandra – who considers herself “more of a storyteller than a singer or artist” – hails from the tiny Finnish fortress island of Suomenlinna but relocated to Berlin a few years ago. It wasn’t long before she landed a record deal  Her debut single ‘Flicker’ was released in early 2017 and was followed by ‘Hush Hush Baby’, a song originally written as a birthday present for her mother, that became part of Saturn’s pre-Christmas campaign. Last year she was asked by Amazon to record a version of ‘Pride (In The Name of Love)’ by U2 for the third season trailer of ‘Man in The High Castle’, and she kicked 2019 off with her song ‘Too Young to Grow Old’ hitting 60k views on YouTube after soundtracking a scene in Marvel‘s Runaways series in the US.
Stay tuned for more from this rapidly ascending young artist.
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