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Biografie 2022

missing home ep 

alright. my first ep. i’ve been waiting for this moment for quite some time now, so glad it’s finally here. and damn, i’m so proud of it! these 5 songs tell a story about my thoughts and feelings over the past years, it feels so weird they’re shared with you guys from now on. i’ve been wanting to release a so called “body of work” ever since the release of my first single ‘get older’ back in january 2020 but the timing just didn’t feel right yet. i guess i just didn’t want to put out a bunch of songs at once when it wasn’t possible to go on tour and play them live. until now. now the time is here.

not going anywhere

i wrote “not going anywhere” together with artist chris james at the studio in berlin early this year. it was actually one of the first sessions i did with someone outside of my own team but from the second he walked in i felt that this was not just another session. i guess these sessions are always a little bit like a blind date ;) we talked for hours before we even started writing and came to the subject of the relationships between us and our parents. we talked about how much they did for us throughout the years, things we can probably never pay them back for. with that feeling in common, we started writing.
“not going anywhere” is about the relationship i have with my mother. back in 2019, when she got diagnosed with cancer (which fortunately turned out completely fine in the end) i started to think about the way things have changed between us. ‘not going anywhere’ is a message to her that, no matter what, i will always love her and i will always be there for her. 
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