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my name is remme - i’m 20 — and i write songs and sing them. one of the first songs i wrote is ‘get older’. the idea for the chorus came to me on a wednesday morning in my bedroom — i just listened to the first draft that still exists in my voice notes. the lyrics of the song started out with ‘jibberish’, it’s when you sing words and sounds without thinking, it’s not something conscious. when we began to pay attention to all these words and phrases we found out that the story made perfect sense, especially when ‘get over’ transformed into ‘get older’. after we recorded the song i felt that it’s not so much about aging, but more about seizing opportunities. the idea that you’re on the subway and see a girl, you don’t have the courage to talk to her and before you know it she’ll be gone. your only choice is to act quickly. for me that’s what ‘get older’ is about - seizing opportunities before they pass you by. 
i can listen to fleetwood mac, frank ocean, bruce springsteen and justin bieber in half an hour. i guess that’s a millennial thing. the most important to me is to make music that i’m super proud of, music that is close to myself and where i come from. and of course i want to tour with my band but that’s for later, for now: ‘get older’.
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