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“half a world away” feat. Clara Mae 

Dutch singer-songwriter remme and Swedish singer Clara Mae join forces to start up the new year with their brand new single “half a world away”. The track turned out as a heartfelt anthem about a longing that most of us know all too well after the past two years of the pandemic.
“For me ‘half a world away’ is about missing somebody. How someone so close to you can suddenly feel so far away. It gets to a point where you can’t stop thinking about all the little things you shared, you wonder if this person still thinks about you too and it keeps you up at night”, remme says about the song. “I think a lot of us experienced the feelings I share in ‘half a world away’, especially over the past two years. In a time where we are all so connected through our phones our loved ones seem to be far away, and I think we all miss real human interactions sometimes”, he continues.
Both singers met up in Sweden at the end of last year and just clicked, proving that we sometimes unexpectedly find the perfect match ‘half a world away’.
“I always felt like there was another side to the story when I was writing the song. I loved the idea of it being a duet and when I met this amazing Swedish artist called Clara Mae during a trip to Stockholm in December, everything fell into place. I became a fan of her music and her voice right away and we both felt something connecting while finishing the song together. She sent the recordings of her voice after I got back home in the Netherlands and the idea of being half a world away suddenly felt very real”, remme tells us about the making of the song.
Clara shares that memory of an instant connection. “I had never heard about remme before he reached out to me about this song. I was immediately amazed by the depth and the tone in his voice and how I believed in the words that he sang almost instantly. To me, that is always an important factor”, she remembers. “The song itself feels very classic but in a fresh way, so I didn’t hesitate to jump on this. I wrote my part of the verse to make it more personal to me and to push even further on the fact that we’re actually in different countries and different parts of the world. We met briefly in Stockholm in December and he’s such a sweet guy and I really hope the covid situation resolves soon so we can hang out for real and maybe sing this one live at some point.”
remme’s songwriting has developed into an even more profound story telling over the past two years of his career. The warm, gentle voice is still there, the songs are about love and the polaroid moments of life, but remme sounds more arrived than ever in his sound between power ballads and pop anthems that you want to sing along loudly and feel along even louder.
“get older" was the perfect start to remme’s career as a musician: the song has been streamed over 12.3 million times and picked up fans around the world on the radio, being played on the big Dutch stations “3FM” and “Radio 2”, as well as German stations like “1Live” and “Puls”. The young singer-songwirter has gathered over 39 million overall streams so far. He also sparked attention with his tv debut on the German show “Inas Nacht” and his support for German popstar LEA at her picknick concert sessions last summer.
remme has been living music since he was 12 years old and has been working on his songs ever since, for which he commutes between his hometown Eindhoven and Berlin, where the studio is located. His influences include Frank Ocean, Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen, but also Jeff Buckley and Justin Bieber. “Yes, it’s very eclectic, but maybe it’s a millennial thing, that we don’t set ourselves any limits in that way”. Because of his young age and his piano and guitar skills, he has of course immediately been hailed as a newcomer & multi-talent, but that alone is something of an understatement: There is an old soul in remme, filtering snapshots from the everyday chaos and transforming them into timeless, haunting songs.
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28.06.2022 | Landgraaf Megaland | Pinkpop Festival | tickets
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