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Plus an unreleased virtual duet with FABRIZIO DE ANDRÉ
“DISCOVER” is the new record by ZUCCHERO “SUGAR” FORNACIARI, out on November 19th (Polydor / Universal Music Italia), and available from today, Monday October 18th, for pre-order, pre-save at the following link: https://pld.lnk.to/Discover
“DISCOVER” is the first cover album of Zucchero’s career, who, for the occasion, stripped and restyled in his own iconic view, Italian and international music masterpieces.
Anticipating the release of the project will be the single “Follow you follow me”, an engaging reinterpretation of one of the first great worldwide Genesis’ hits, on radio from Friday October 22nd.
“DISCOVER” unites Zucchero’s two musical souls of: the best Italian melodic tradition and the deepest Afro-American roots. Also important are the collaborations with BONO in “Canta la Vita” (Italian version with Italian written lyrics by Zucchero of Bono’s song “Let Your Love Be Known), with ELISA in “Luce (Tramonti a Nord Est)”, a song by 2001 written with the artist by Fornaciari, and with MAHMOOD in “Natural Blues”, Moby’s version of Vera Hall’s song “Trouble So hard”. Intense and exciting is the song " Ho visto Nina volare ", in which Zucchero chooses to virtually duet with FABRIZIO DE ANDRÉ.
The standard version of “DISCOVER”, featuring 13 tracks, will be released in CD, DOUBLE LP and DIGITAL format.
A BOX VERSION of the project will also be released and features: 1 CD Deluxe, with the 13 tracks of the standard version + 5 bonus tracks, 1 white DOUBLE LP and 1 special blue colored VINYL 10” containing the 5 bonus tracks.
Here’s the tracklist of the standard version of “DISCOVER”:
  1. Amore adesso (No Time for Love Like Now)
  2. Canta la vita (Let Your Love Be Known) con BONO
  3. The scientist
  4. Wicked game
  5. Luce (Tramonti a Nord Est) feat ELISA
  6. Follow you follow me
  7. Natural blues feat MAHMOOD
  8. Fiore di maggio
  9. Human
  10. Con te partirò
  11. High flyin’ bird
  12. Ho visto Nina volare feat FABRIZIO DE ANDRÉ
  13. Lost boys calling
Here’s the 5 bonus tracks of the exclusive BOX VERSION of “DISCOVER”:
  1. Old Town Road
  2. Motherless Child
  3. Lotus Flower feat HOTEI
  4. Silent Night
  5. Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime feat BEN ZUCKER
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