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Wir sind mit euch, Japan!

Japan Tsunami Opfer
Am Freitag morgen wurde Japan von einem Erdbeben der Stärke 9,0 und einem verheerenden Tsunami heimgesucht, der mehrere Küstenstädte niederwalzte und Hunderttausende in die Obdachlosigkeit stürzte. Bisher ist unklar wieviele Menschenleben diese Tragödie förderte, doch man rechnet bislang mit mindestens 19.000. Nun droht dem Land auch noch ein atomarer Super-Gau, da die Kühltechnik zweier Atomkraftwerke versagte. In den umliegenden Städten und Dörfern wurden bereits massiv erhöhte Strahlenwerte gemessen
Viele besorgte Künstler meldeten sich zwischenzeitlich zu Wort. Via Twitter ließen u.a. Alicia Keys, Snoop Dogg, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, Will.I.AM, Mariah Carey, Diddy, Keri Hilson und Missy die Opfer dieser Katastrophe wissen, dass sie in Gedanken bei ihnen sind und für sie beten.
Lady Gaga entwarf sogar schon ein japanisches Gebetsarmband, dass man für 5 Euro online kaufen kann und dessen Erlös den Opfern des Tsunamis zugute kommt. Hier kommen einige Statements:
Alicia Keys: “My heart breaks 4 Japan. woke up this morning early w/ a song in my heart. not sure what but wow! so much going on in the world! #pray4japan”
Chris Brown: “My prayers go out to everyone in japan!!! We have to love one another and come together as a planet!!!! Life is way too precious to waste on ignorance!!! We have to come together!!! All of us! Every race, gender, etc. I love you all. For anyone I’ve ever hurt,cursed out, yelled at, been rude too!! I sincerely apologize!! Life is beautiful and we are Beautiful People. I’m buggin out right now over japan!!#praying”
Mariah Carey: “All my love & prayers go out to everyone in Japan. Our thoughts are w/you as you recover from this tragic situation. God Bless, Aishitemasu”
Jennifer Lopez: “Sending LOVE! Lets all please take a minute and say a prayer for all the people in Japan. For God to give them hope, courage, and strength.”
Snoop Dogg: “Sending prayers out to Japan. Stay strong and keep ya head up.”
Monica: “Praying constantly 4 the families of those in both Japan & parts of Hawaii. It saddens me 2 no end but I know Gods able 2 protect & provide”
Ashanti: “As we all see we are not promised 2mrw.. Be grateful & live ur life righteously…”
Shakira: “I’m saddened to see so much suffering. The images of Japan are horrific. My only reflection on this is that we are all but one single nation. One world united. That when there is one region affected by a catastrophe the rest of the world must react
Lady Gaga: “I Designed a Japan Prayer Bracelet. Buy It/Donate here and ALL proceeds will go to Tsunami Relief Efforts. Go Monsters: http://bit.ly/f0aYwZ
Amerie: “My heart aches as we all pray for those killed, injured, & missing in Japan… to help text ‘redcross’ to 90999 to donate $10 #helpJapan #textREDCROSSto9099”
Melanie Fiona: “Please do all you can to assist the devastation in Japan. Even if its sending love, prayers & energy, we are responsible for one another xo”
Sean Garrett: “All the love and prayers go out to my people in Japan,Hawaii and the West Coast!”
Bun B: “What’s happening to Japan right now is indescribable. These extreme acts of nature are getting more and more frequent. Pray for them and us.”
B.o.B: “My heart goes out to the people of Japan. Stay Strong”
Lil’ Kim: “My prayers go out to everyone in Japan and families affected. #prayforjapan”
LeToya Luckett: “My prayers go out to all affected by the Tsunami. #Godbless”
Diddy: “GOD BLESS everyone in Japan and anyone affected by this disaster- you are in every thought and prayer!! Count your blessings today and be Nice! Let’s go! Never take life for granted!! Make today your GREATEST.”
Justin Bieber: “Japan is one of my favorite places on earth…it’s an incredible culture with amazing people. My prayers go out to them. We all need to help”
Sean Kingston: “Wanna send my Condolences to everybody in japan right now may the lord be with u all! Bless”
Ciara: “I am sooooo sad to hear about what’s happening in Japan. It breaks my heart. Let’s pray for the families and their country!”
Estelle: “Prayers for Japan. All mu West Coast mates now would be good to visit fam in midwest or east coast! Thank God for every moment.”
Ne-Yo: “GOD BLESS JAPAN. My prayers go out to the people of japan hit by that terrible earthquake and tsunami, as well as the people of hawaii.”
JoJo: “My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Japan and the other affected areas. Let’s love and forgive and uplift and embrace each other.”
Nicki Minaj: “RT @itzBAD_BarbieDC: Sending my thoughts n prayers out to Japan. And anywhere else affected by the earthquake/tsunami”
will.i.am: “I’m worried about my friends from smap smap, verbal, kage son, and all my friends I care about . I can’t reach any of them in japan. 2new is in japan too…‘wow’…I’m really worried…I can’t sleep…”
Trey Songz: “Praying for my Japanese people affected by the Tsunami.”
50 Cent: “Man I hate to say this but the world is coming to a end. Look at japan tell the people you value you love them.”
Jermaine Dupri: “i pray everybody is paying attention to the news right now,this earth quake and tsunami stuff is so real”
Keri Hilson: “My heart goes out to any & everyone affected by the tsunami & earthquake in Japan. Sincere prayers for safety & repair…”
Mya: “Words can not describe the sorrow I feel.My heart goes out to you Japan”
Missy Elliott: “I am Praying 4 Everyone in Japan and Everywhere!!! All Prayer Warriors Please do the same…”
Brandy: “Sending prayers to Japan!!!!”
Auch wir sind von den Ereignissen geschockt und hoffen, dass die betroffenen Menschen so schnell wie möglich die Hilfe bekommen, die sie in diesen schrecklichen Tagen benötigen und dass Schlimmeres verhindert werden kann! May God bless you!
Das Deutsche Rote Kreuz ruft zu Spenden auf, um den Hilfseinsatz des Japanischen Roten Kreuzes zu unterstützen:
Spendenkonto: 41 41 41
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
BLZ: 370 205 00
Stichwort: Tsunami

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