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Dutch Eurovision Contest winner, Duncan Laurence announces the release of a new single, Last Night and his debut album entitled Small Town Boy.
The single, Last Night will be released the first of October. Duncan describes the song as his personal tribute to imperfect relationships, saying that vulnerability and imperfection are more beautiful to him than cold perfection.
The same intensely personal take on human relationships pervades the songs on Small Town Boy. This, his long-awaited first album sees its release on Friday, November 13. It represents a new benchmark in his career. After his spectacular win of the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv in 2019 with the by now iconic song Arcade Duncan Laurence decided to take all the time necessary to create his debut album.
Right from the start Duncan had a clear artistic vision of what he wanted the album to represent. This meant taking on production duties for the greater part of the album himself. He composed and produced material for Small Town Boy in various cities all over the world, amongst them Los Angeles. Of course, his debut album contains his major hit singles Arcade, Love Don’t Hate and Someone Else. Asked about the album Duncan says: “Throughout the process of making this album, I experienced more freedom in music than ever before. I was able to write, produce and arrange my own music. Each song opens a window into my life and tells my own story. Creating this album allowed me to grow as a person and learn more about myself and who I want to be as a musician. It is a dreamy, raw and poppy invitation into my world – really everything I could ever wish for in my first album.”
The album will be premiered live in its entirety on November 17 in the prestigious Dutch indoor arena the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. Of course, the setting will be completely COVID−19 friendly with the audience seated at round tables surrounding a revolving stage in the centre of the arena.
Duncan Laurence is thrilled about the event. He says: “As a kid I could only dream of playing a venue like the Ziggo Dome. It’s a dream come true and a real honour to be performing all of the  songs of my debut album Small Town Boy live, for the first time, on such an incredible stage and under such extraordinary circumstances.”
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