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Der neue Remix “Catch you when you fall” von Nathan Evans x Paratone

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Changing course and setting off in a new direction requires courage. Because of course it always resonates: the fear of failure. And yet unknown paths should always be understood as an opportunity. This is exactly what singer songwriter NATHAN EVANS knows. And so the musician, who triggered a worldwide hype around sea shanty songs with his cover versions of traditional shanty songs, sets out on previously unknown paths with his new single CATCH YOU WHEN YOU FALL and encourages his fans to seize opportunities instead of letting them pass.
NATHAN EVANS took hearts by storm with his cover of the 150-year-old sea shanty WELLERMAN, bringing a musical phenomenon to the hearts and playlists of his fans with his shanty reinterpretations that had come to stay. Now his path is taking the 28-year-old in new directions – an important step for the former postman with the unmistakable scottish accent. Because NATHAN EVANS knows: We all get hurt and fail sometimes during our journey called life – but only those who keep going can get ahead.
Everybody hurts, everybody gets broken,
Everybody bleeds, you just gotta keep going,
Just take it one step at a time.
It’s the Paratone remix sound and NATHAN EVANS' unique voice that transport the message of CATCH YOU WHEN YOU FALL in a stirring way. And so the track is a personal song of encouragement, with which the artist not only wants to empower other people, but also continues to take them on his personal journey, which holds many new challenges and adventures with this new chapter that he opens:
Don’t you be afraid,
Don’t worry about tomorrow.
You can never win if you don’t risk it all,
Go on take a chance, I promise you can let go.
Darling I will catch you when you fall.

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