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Ihr seht das Gentleman & Ky-Mani Marley Video zum Song “Uprising” vom Album “Conversations”.  

Gentleman & Ky-Mani Marley, Lyrics “Uprising”

They want devide and rule
But this is the generation they can’t fool
Beyond the horizon
Say they want to take it over
Say we got to run for cover
Freedom fighter
We keep surviving
Let dem know we no push over
It’s not over til it’s over
1st verse:
Tell me what this world has coming to
I really got know where we are running to
Seh we try to find a place but we running out of space
Lord what we are supposed to do
Somebody tell me please where we running from
Is it the fighting or illusion by the hands of men
Time to find a common ground can’t affort to run around
Why can’t we get along
2nd verse:
To see unification is my greatest desire
Badmind and envy get cast in the fire
With the dragon and the bear the illusion and the fear
Get burned with the thief and the liar
Let’s get together the words of the messiah
No single out make we do this in a choir
No man is an island no man stands alone
Show love and let your love inspire
3rd verse:
We got to find a way
We live to see that day
Where ther is no more oppression and no more depression no way
So listen what i say
From your works you shall get pay
With no more aggression make love your possession
Writers: tilmann otto / everold dwyer / ky-mani marley

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