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The Wanted announce their Regional Radio tour!

The Wanted are excited to announce their Regional Radio tour all
dates and times listed below! Are they coming to your town?

Monday 28th June

09.30−10.00   Oxford FM (Oxford)- Live Breakfast interview

11.30−12.00   Star Radio (Bristol)

14:00−14:30   The Wave (Swansea)

16.30−17.00   Red Dragon (Cardiff)

Tuesday 29th June

10:00−10:30   BRBM (Birmingham)

10.30−11.00   Galaxy (Birmingham)

12.30−13.30   Trent FM (Nottingham)

14.30−15.00   Lincs FM (Lincoln)

16.30−17.00   Hallam FM (Sheffield)

Wednesday 30th June

09.30−10.00   Viking FM (Hull)

11.00−11.30   Radio Aire (Leeds)

11.45−12.15   Galaxy (Leeds)

14.00−14.30   The Pulse (Bradford)

15.30−16.30   In Demand (Manchester)

17:00−17:30   Real Radio (Manchester)

18:30−19:00   Silk FM (Cheshire)

Thursday 1st July

10:30−11:00   Radio City (Liverpool)

12:00−12:30   Wish FM

13:00−13:30   Rock FM (Preston)

Friday 2nd July

11.00−11.30   Forth One (Edinburgh)

12.30−13.00   Real Radio Scotland (Glasgow)

13:30−14:00   Galaxy Scotland (Glasgow)

14.30−15.30   Clyde Radio (Glasgow)

Click here to check out The Wanted tour Google Maps to find out if the boys are coming to anywhere near you!!
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